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Meet the Team


Hal is the founder of the Safety Rail Source.

In 1999 his invention of the KeeHatch® Roof Hatch Railing System lead the way to future marketplace success. Hal is responsible for product development, manufacturing, system design, shop drawings, site visits, and expert installation advice.


Jan joined the Safety Rail Source in 2000.

He is responsible for business management, marketing & sales and product development. Jan also performs site visits to gather customer requirements and provide expert installation advice.


Chad joined the Safety Rail Source in 2008.

He serves customers by providing timely estimates and insuring orders are processed promptly and accurately. Chad also performs site visits and expert installation advice.


Greg joined the Safety Rail Source in 2014 to support the launch of the Ladder Safety Company.

Greg is our staff engineer and is responsible for business and product development, manufacturing, and system design. He also supports site visits and provides expert installation advice.

Markus Zanders


Markus joined the Safety Rail Source in 2013.

Markus is front line customer service.  He answers your calls and directs you to the right person at Safety Rail Source or Ladder Safety Company.  Markus also processes your orders promptly and accurately.  You’ll get a call from Markus to make sure that your shipment has been received and is in good shape.


We’re A Unique Company

Safety Rail Source is the very first business in the United States to focus solely on fall protection for roof edges, roof hatches, skylights and other roof hazards. In addition to its fall protection line, Safety Rail Source partnered with Kee Safety in 2000 to provide modular custom railings, ADA railings, and other interior and exterior safety railings. We service clients nationally through an extensive sales and installation network.

Company Overview

Safety Rail Source was founded in 1999 by Hal Swindell with the invention of the KeeHatch® Railing System. The need for railings to protect all open roof hatches was confirmed by Richard Fairfax, Directorate of Corporate Compliance for OSHA in November of 1999 His ruling states that open roof hatches are a hazard that must be protected. This invention of the KeeHatch Railing System created an entirely new industry for roof top fall protections railings.

Shortly thereafter, Jan Vanning joined Hal to design, manufacture & distribute numerous OSHA compliant safety products. Our growth lead to Chad Vanning joining the company in 2008. Chad’s focuses on the day to day operations of the company and serving customers one at a time. In 2014, the Safety Rail Source partnered with Greg Swindell and established the Ladder Safety Company. The Ladder Safety Company offers a full line of safety products that support gaining access to rooftops. It’s first proprietary product Ladder Dock™ helps satisfy OSHA’s ladder tie off requirements for extension ladders. Our Easi-Dec product is a unique solution aimed at replacing cumbersome scaffolding on the job site.

Customer Service

When you call us, you are speaking with an experienced owner of our companies. When you place an order, count on quality products arriving in a timely manner. When you have an issue, count on us to make it right. Thousands of our customers can attest to our daily focus on providing you superior customer service.

Top Quality, Tested Product Line

Our products are designed to rigid safety standards and are manufactured with top quality materials to withstand human and environmental abuse. All of our products are engineered and tested to meet the strictest relevant requirements.

When you invest in the safety and well-being of your personnel, rest assured that you have invested with the best. From our initial needs assessment and consultation through design and installation count on us to put your best interests first. After all, it’s the only way for us to enjoy your repeat business.