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Kart-a-Rail Portable Railings

Kart-a-Rail is an OSHA compliant portable railing system on a cart with 4 lifting points to crane on a roof, balloon tires, E-Z pull handle, and towing connection for a fork truck. Tires can be puncture-proofed. It is used on roofs and on the ground in industrial plants.

Portable OSHA compliant railings on a cart, what a great idea! The Safety Rail Source developed this concept after seeing the need to neatly package temporary railing systems. Kart-a-Rail can hold up to 56’ of railing and associated bases. Our cart comes with lifting points to enable the cart to be craned onto a roof, balloon tires for easy rolling, chocks to stabilize the cart in position, an E-Z pull handle to maneuver the cart, and a towing connection to attach it to a fork truck. Tires can be puncture-proofed if desired. Kart-a-Rail is used on roofs and on the ground in plants that need temporary railings. Our cart is primed and painted safety yellow. KeeGuard® Contractor is the actual railing system for the cart and is made of galvanized steel. Yellow railings are an option. KeeGuard Contractor has unique interlocking 98 pound bases with E-Z grab raised handles for positioning, slots for toe boards and 4 receptacles for different railing configurations. The bases can be stacked and won’t slide around. The railing is temporarily locked securely into the base with set screws and a hex key. The bases are galvanized steel. A yellow hand cart that holds up to 3 bases and large tires for E-Z rolling is an option.