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Type F50 - Female Single Swivel Socket Member

Type F50 One part of a combination fitting. The Type F50, in size 4, has only one ear while Type F50, in sizes 5 through 9, has two ears. Ø indicates diameter of bolt hole. Note: Type F50-4 will only mate with a Type M50-4. Types F50, M50, M51, M52, and M58 These are known as swivel fittings and can be assembled as Types C50, C51, C52, and C58 or supplied as separate items. They are frequently used for bracing, but can also overcome problems where joints are required at angles other than given by fixed angle fittings. For economical use of tubing, Types F50, sizes 5-9 only, can be combined with different sizes of M50, M51, and M52. Types M50, M51, and M52 can be used to secure various types of infill panel (ie chipboarding, plastic sheeting, etc.) Ø indicates bolt hole diameter. Warning! An entire structure should not be constructed from swivel fittings, as these would not provide sufficient stability or rigidity in the structure.