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KeeHatch® Roof Hatch Railing

About KeeHatch Roof Hatch Railing Systems

Our KeeHatch Roof Hatch Railing system is the original railing system invented in 1999 and received a patent #6167659 for this unique invention in 2002 from the U.S. patent office. The KeeHatch Railing System is engineered to meet OSHA standards and building codes and attaches directly to the roof hatch counter flashing or roof curb and protects the open hole when the hatch lid is left up. It also provides substantial grab rails to assist in safe exiting and entering the hatchway. More than 80 models have been designed to protect any roof access hatch. Most KeeHatch railings are in stock and ready for shipment. Special order railing will ship within 10 days of order.


KeeHatch Roof Hatch Railing System is made of galvanized pipe 1 ¼” ID, A53 Grade B seamed pipe or galvanized, 1 5/8” OD A500 seamed tube. Railing fittings are Kee Klamp® numbers 10-7, 15-7, 26-7, 45-7, 76-7, 77-7, 78-7, 121-7, 162-7, 161-7 as they apply. The chain is 3/16” proof coil ASTM specification, zinc plated with quick link on fixed end. The self closing gate, if selected, is heavy duty galvanized tubing with a sure-close adjustable torsion system. Pipe ends and tops are plugged with Kee Klamp 77-7 plastic fitting. Bolts and washers are 3/8” x 2 ½” grade Z, zinc plated. Finish galvanized. Railing can be painted if desired.

KeeHatch Roof Hatch Railing Installation

Each railing system is complete with mounting hardware for mounting on the counter flashing or curb and with detailed installation instructions. Installation takes about 1 hour when attaching to a pre-punched RailingReady roof hatch 2 hours when retrofitting to an existing hatchway. We recommend attaching to the hatch counter flashing where possible.