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Kwik Kit Railing

Kwik Kit safety railing in a kit is OSHA compliant, easy to assemble, painted safety yellow and is ordered as a straight, corner or extension kit.

Kwik Kit Safety Railing Kits Offer Pre-packaged Convenience
Everything you need for the Kwik Kit assembly is included in one box. Railing upright posts are pre-assembled to save you even more time and eliminate parts guesswork.

A Sturdy Safety Railing Package
Kwik Kit safety railing kits allow you to create a sturdy, OSHA compliant railing system with no welding and the added advantage of safety yellow rails. These railing kits are quick to assemble using a hex key to tighten the fitting set screws. Kwik Kit safety railing kits are pre-packaged with 6-foot post spacing for straight sections, corner sections or extension sections. By using a combination of Straight, Corner, or Extension Kits, almost any basic railing requirement can be fulfilled. The rails may be field cut where shorter sections are required. The kits may be secured using bolts or chemical anchors.

Pre-assembled Upright Posts Save Even More Time
Assembly is intuitive. Just place your horizontal rails into the pre-assembled upright post fittings and tighten the set screws. A convenient hex key set is provided with your kit to assist you during the installation process. You can then determine your railing system placement and choose your own method of anchoring the railing assembly. Once the railing assembly is anchored, make any final adjustments needed. Upon final inspection of the railing, it is recommended that all of the fitting set screws be tightened to a torque 29 lbs/ft. Kwik Kit Safety Railing Kits are supplied with all the components to install either a 12 foot straight run or a 6 foot by 6 foot 90 degree corner safety rail system. Additional footage can be achieved by ordering 6 foot extension kits.

The Safety Rail Source Kwik Kit safety railings exceed OSHA and BOCA standards. Railing kits are boxed and can be ordered in safety yellow galvanized or aluminum. Finished railing height is 42.

  • Strong and safe exceeding OSHA and BOCA standards, Available in aluminum or galvanized steel
  • Finished railing height is 42"
  • Standard Pipe O.D. 1.90"
  • The kits may be secured using bolts or chemical anchors
  • All parts forming the kits are boxed
  • Pipe length can be field cut as required
  • Attractive safety yellow pipe (powder coated over galvanized pipe)
  • No welding necessary
  • E-Z to assemble using only a hex key and Kee Klamp fittings